Global Intelligence

“Endeavour Maritime gathers data from around the world to provide constantly evolving information on all manner of risks, customisable for each user or organisation’s specific needs.”

Key services include:

  • Due Diligence background checks (Basic, Standard, and Enhanced)
  • Regional and country reports
  • Maritime intelligence updates
  • Corporate investigations

Our platform monitors global news and intelligence 24/7, relating to all manner of risks including political and civil unrest, terrorism and armed conflict, piracy and maritime incidents, health and severe weather warnings. We collate all data from a wide range of sources worldwide to provide a constantly evolving picture of the current situation in a particular location. This information is analysed to build detailed risk assessments that provide travellers with route and destination specific feeds and alerts. Government travel alerts and advice is also integrated into this system as standard, combining a range of credible sources in one easy to access system.

Intelligence reports and alerts can be tailored to the needs of each client and by theme or frequency. Country, region, date and/or company-specific data can be collated into daily, weekly, monthly or live reports or individual alerts when an occurrence takes place. Through the management console with the platform the client has the full control over what intelligence is gathered and distributed from the system.