Counter-Drone / UAV Strategy

Endeavour Maritime offers bespoke counter drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) protection and security consultation for maritime purposes.

Drone security involves identifying vulnerabilities, assessing and tackling the threats drones pose to ports, marinas, ships and super-yachts. Our approach is to assess risk exposure, provide protection and detection measures, devise contingency plans and respond to incidents.


Explore our Counter-Drone Proposition:

Our Counter-Drone strategy:

  • Risk assessment regulation
  • Understanding legal responsibilities
  • Provide training for operators
  • Provide persistent drone detection equipment
  • Designate your airspace a drone No-Fly Zone and publicize this to the growing drone community
  • Aerial risk assessment when flying drones for commercial purposes
  • Penetration testing and security assessments
  • Advice on how to build a drone
  • Corporate drone racing