Cyber Security

Endeavour Maritime offers bespoke cyber security consultation for maritime purposes.

Our approach is to identify cyber threats, assess risk exposure, implement cyber detection and protection measures, devise cyber-defence contingency plans, conduct background checks, and provide emergency response to cyber incidents.

We also provide training and handbooks for IT departments and crew members.

Cyber security refers to the protection of information systems from personnel, technical, and physical threats.

Attacks can be perpetrated by insider activists (disgruntled employees), cyber criminals, opportunists, foreign governments and may result in thefts of data and Wifi attacks.


Key services include:

  • Conduct of penetration vulnerability tests to identify points of weakness in your network.
  • Integration of application whitelisting software to prevent access to insecure sites and apps.
  • Education on cyber best practices in a manner understandable to all is critical for everyday use of electronic systems.
  • Regular checks and continuous observations.
  • Cyber training: training modules specifically tailored to teach crews and captains how to deal with cyber threats.
  • Secure voice applications.


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