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Endeavour Maritime is a global security intelligence and risk management consultancy which provides maritime security services to the shipping, super-yacht and super-tanker industries. We also offer specialist training and advice. Endeavour Maritime is a global risk management and specialist security consultancy.

Our focus is to safeguard people, property and assets through our platform to plan, implement and deliver bespoke solutions for our institutions and individual clients.

The platform provides access to our global intelligence, live tracking, and physical security services, offered worldwide. 

Our Global Intelligence service offers comprehensive risk assessments on over 30 countries, available in the form of daily, weekly, monthly, or more detailed regional reports on the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Guinea and South China Sea. We also offer a range of enhanced due diligence background checks and corporate investigations.

Live tracking, travel security and journey management are made available to individual users within organisations, via GSM smartphone and web applications or GPS Satellite (Iridium/Thuraya) powered tracking devices.

We are available to provide advice and execution services in the most challenging of environments, to very often achieve complex goals. Our procedures meet a client’s specific security needs. Our physical security teams are experienced in high-level physical guarding of individuals, facilities and property. 

We offer our clients immediate security emergency response 24/7, as well as additional training for those entering hostile environments or for planning board-level crisis management and physical response. 

Since our founding in 2013, we have held relationships with clients in a wide variety of sectors including ship owners, shipping companies, yacht owners, super-tankers companies, oil and gas companies, insurance companies, banks, lawyers and overseas governments, ports, marinas, offshore platforms.

Our extensive geographical knowledge and network enables us to carry out thorough, accurate and timely risk analysis to identify current and future risks. Activities are carried out via a team of field experts from a range of backgrounds. 

We also offer Cyber Security and Counter-Drone/UAV solutions for Super-yachts and Super-tankers.

Our company is fully accredited with ISO9001:2008 certification, and a member of ICoCA, enabling us to provide specialist security services including executive protection, consultancy and corporate due diligence incorporating the requirements of BS 7858:2012.